Ambient Intelligence (AmI) is an undergraduate course proposed at Politecnico di Torino. In the AmI course, students learn to conceive, design and implement realistic intelligent systems that support users in their daily activities.

Teams of four students develop different projects, combining sensors, actuators, mobile systems, wearable devices, and cloud services. The projects of year 2017 explore the theme Ambient Intelligence systems for Sustainability.

Browse the projects below.

AmIcook homepage


Dispense the optimal amount of food and water for group meals.

Bathroom Eco-Experience homepage

Bathroom Eco-Experience

An intelligent didactical bathroom for educating children to not waste water.

Bee Happy homepage

Bee Happy

A new way of beekeeping.

EduMeal homepage


Your smart school canteen.

Fruit Saver homepage

Fruit Saver

It will help you to reduce food waste.

Grab a bike homepage

Grab a bike

An effort-free bike sharing that focuses on the environment and on the user.

Mr. Bin homepage

Mr. Bin

Make waste recycling easier and funnier.

NICE bins homepage

NICE bins

Reduce waste in your neighborhood with NICE bins!

Packaging Sorting Development Machine homepage

Packaging Sorting Development Machine

Improve plastics separation in large retailers’ sellers.

Shower Time homepage

Shower Time

Optimize the time you spend under the shower, saving water and energy.

Smart Canteen homepage

Smart Canteen

Improve the service quality of any canteen.

SmartShelf homepage


Smart management for food waste at the supermarket.

The Battery Drive-In homepage

The Battery Drive-In

Improve the experience with electric cars: switch batteries up!

Trash-IT homepage


An intelligent waste collection system that reduces human workload and increases efficiency within an eating environment.

Water Waste Watcher homepage

Water Waste Watcher

Keep under control your water system.

Your Children's Green Tutor homepage

Your Children's Green Tutor

Learn better habits to live a sustainable life as you grow up.